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Natural and World events ( non political stuff )

Papua new Guinea has now increased the potential number of victims in the massive landslide from 300 to 2k which is a big jump
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Since the conspiracy thread is locked and if this ever proven this is world changing stuff.

Yes! The evidence for interdimensional beings is overwhelming. You should check out the Chris Bledsoe story. He is from Hope Mills and his story is amazing. His son sets up skywatches on Wrightsville Beach so people can witness the orbs he attracts. It is beyond mind blowing. This same Las Vegas sighting is what happened at the mall in Miami recently
Sandbar... are you familiar with this?

Yes. MDMA works but isn't the best psychedelic for PTSD in my opinion. The future is in Psylocibin and DMT especially 5-MEO DMT. These medicines are working miracles for people with PTSD, addiction, anxiety and depression. We build up blockages in our neural paths that these medicines unblock and put your neural pathways back in place. Think of it as a reboot that makes your phone or computer run better. Same thing at play here. Of course BIG PHARMA doesn't like you solving your issues with something that grows naturally because they want you hooked on there $%#$ poison. It's going to take millions of people educated about these miracles from earth to defeat them. Psylocibin will probably follow the path of cannabis as far as legality. If/when it does this country will actually have a massive awakening which the powers that be don't want. They want you controlled for eternity