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Pattern Outside of the SE thread

Good because I got Poop from that awful storm. 31 and rain for hrs.

I was too far north to get snow in Dallas. I was so mad ?

The real irony is that's the best snowstorm my parents in Alabama had seen in years

My Dallas winters were yeah a mess(3 winters in a row where the snow was in every other direction it seemed)... I know I've talked about how bad last year was but at least I've seen a big snowstorm since I moved to Tulsa... I thought it was never going to stop ? definitely the longest snowstorm I've ever seen. Still can't believe the airport reported 8 inches. That winter too I don't even remember flakes til January
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Yeah probably the closest thing we've had to a board wide good winter

13-14 was good too(when Atlanta famously was crippled by an inch of snow #neverforget) but dang
That when Chipper jones rescued Freddy Freeman from the highway?
We will see what happens! Seems reasonable 74365338-4CC4-4711-BAD0-D59408A48B28.png
@Brent , this is right where we want it 13 days out! ??⛄46EB6B7C-CE90-4D83-9458-14B3227E8CEE.png
Small changes from 6z to 12z9DCEF06C-D261-4982-819A-79C2C1EDDD48.pngBE778617-BDDA-4FF3-BFA9-B51EDC0D9B3C.png
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