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Sports Thread


Waiting on baseball season
Jul 16, 2019
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Elizabeth City
The blueprint. Is out now how to handle Mahomes and chiefs ...
Who would have thought two deep safety’s by Tampa would be the way to do it. Running a Tampa 2 by Tampa Bay. Inconceivable. On his hurried throws they only brought more than four down linemen twice. The sacks they did get were coverage sacks. The Tampa d-line manhandled KC’s o-line. Not to mention that the middle of the field was essentially cut off by the LB’s. Whenever Kelce or Hill ran a route they had one man on them and the two safety’s behind them. Basically two on one coverage the whole game. The only time Kelce got big plays was when he managed to find a seam between the LB’s and the safety’s. Every time Hill or Kelce touched the ball they got hit. Hard.