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Misc 2020 Banter Thread

Bham 99

Dec 29, 2016
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Charleston, SC/ Charlotte, NC
So uhhhhh Alabama hasn't played a single game yet and they are ranked No. 2 rn? Screw the tide. boooo. Screw Clemson booooo. GO GATORS ( my sec team) ! TARHEELS FAN FOR LIFE . MACK BROWN ACC CHAMPIONSHIP 2020. Also poop yeah to App State at 24. They need to be afforded more power 5 conference games so they can whoop some butt . They handed Carolina a butt whoopin last year ... BOTH CAROLINAS

@SD incoming asking me what the hell im doing at NCSU if I like the Tar Heels . Look man I grew up on em , going to NCSU won’t change that for me though I do like seeing NCSU win . Also I cant hate Alabama, I can’t but gosh darn it I wanna see a team from this damn state ( preferably Carolina) be on top in football. Then we will truly dominate at all college sports ! The trifecta would be complete ( baseball , basketball and football)