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Wintry Winter 2019-20 Discussion


Dec 13, 2016
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Uptown Charlotte
As a frequent observer and major fan of this site I’ll add my opinion. To preface first and foremost I love snow as much as anyone on this site, borderline obsessed. Especially with the chase, which we do in the southeast most winters and for some most of our lives, only to usually be disappointed. I know how frustrating it is to await and be either elated or disturbed by each model run. However, for those of us btw the Upstate of SC and Charlotte we have two great historical patterns on our side. We saw some cold temps in Nov&Dec but no snow. That is a great thing for snow lovers in our area historically speaking. We have a better chance of seeing heavier and more frequent snow events Jan-Mar in this region after a warm and relatively parched Nov&Dec.
Lastly, I’m old enough to mention folk lore, old wive’s tales, aching bones, etc. Having a Met degree, even sometimes I rely on a few of these more than science. That said, last night when thunder awoke me several times in Charlotte first thought was Game On. Not necessarily next week for Charlotte Metro, but Winter has just begun my friends.
I’m about to stock the cabinet with Bourbon and look forward to the pattern change. It will, just hopefully in mby and yours too. Keep up the good work you overly zealous snow cravers, I LOVE your passion!!