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Sports Thread


Jan 5, 2017
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Augusta, GA
Bama at #3 is about right (I'm guessing the CFP is going to jump Ohio State over them now that the head to head deal with Oregon is gone, like the AP poll).

They are "off" for what they can be, but I can't put Cinci, Notre Dame, or Oklahoma over them (in fact, as of right now, even if Oklahoma is your Big 12 champ, I think they get left out).

If I had to guess, they will be better next year. It was likely to be an "off" year with the talent that was lost off the 2020 team, but that doesn't mean that there isn't Natty-caliber talent on the team, as there still is. It's just young.

Hopefully, Georgia can take advantage. Georgia is going to go through something similar next year as the defense is going to lose a lot of talent after this year.

Would say that I'd be afraid that Ohio State would if not Georgia, but I think Georgia can take down Ohio State. So, if Georgia loses in two weeks, a rematch is probably going to happen later in January.

(This would of course be null and void if Georgia Tech pulls a monumental upset, but that's highly unlikely, otherwise, I'm like about 95-98% sure that Georgia is in regardless of what happens in two weeks and the better question is who is going to be the opponent for round 1)