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Misc Sizzling Shenanigans: warm season whamby

I miss Mine Seidel already! 🥲
Screwed again today. Lol got to love it. The season of the haves and have nots is definitely upon us. Have received maybe 0.2 since Friday.
Took this over the weekend here! BDCB22DA-EEBA-4C08-929D-14DC3CCD49BC.jpeg8DB3EDD9-CCD9-40B7-A1D6-C11DE77CFFAE.jpeg
I can’t find the gardening thread, but anywho, just saw that the Carolina Reaper pepper , has officially been dethroned! ( by the same guy who developed the Reaper) it been around a few years, but it just got released and certified by Guinness!
Scoville units: 2,690, 000
Looks like a washout here this weekend. Even though WRAL is putting out one if there weather alert days, I know better. No storms here, just rain.
1.2 million men and women never came home. I didnt know this till yesterday, actually found out at church. But on every memorial day at 11am we are supose to pause for a moment of silence in rememberance of all them. God bless their families left behind.


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How come nobody told me a out Boberry cookies and the Boberry sausage biscuits?????
I’m coming back home!
If you really need rain buy a jeep. Keep the doors and top off when they say only a 10 percent chance of rain, then enjoy the soaking