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Misc Sizzling Shenanigans: warm season whamby

Absolutely the worst winter ever up here! Horrid

Yeah I'm fine never talking about this winter ever again. I never imagined we could have winters that bad here

The only reason it wasn't the warmest ever was the one week in January. I mean we didn't even beat our warmest high in February til last week...
This doesn’t even make it mediocre, looking back! View attachment 147487View attachment 147488
Ok Mack... not to be salty or anything, but most us haven't seen even a dusting of snow in over 2 years and you post pics of several feet of snow from this year and want sympathy for a "worst winter ever"?
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What's going down in Charlotte?? Multiple Officers Shot: 1 US Marshall Dead.
Heartbreaking and disgusting. 2 officers were with our Department, Officers with Marshal's Special Task force, part of SOIU with NC Dept. Of Adult Correction. And to correct some media outlets, it was not correctional officers, they were Agents, certified LEOs. Brothers in blue who paid the ultimate sacrifice today 😢🙏
We got this dude been on the air 50 years, just an anchor, but he looks like skeletor F9A44287-7150-424D-A6D2-C3C14DD54935.png
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