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Misc Crypto trading


Jan 5, 2017
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Time to start a thread. I have had many good pics in the stock market thread of crypto coins, but they seem to get lost in the postings. I do warn that, CRYPTO TRADING IS VERY VIOLITAL, IS THE DIRSTEST PLAYGROUND I HAVE EVER DREAMED OF BEING INVENTED FOR THEFT AND IS A GREAT WAY TO LOSE MONEY! I am not an investor advisor. With that said, the crypto market is a good way to make possible amazing and life changing investments/trades. Please, if you share a coin, take the time to research it.
My mid-term hold is Ever grow coin. After the New Years day, they will start it rolling, since this is the bad time of year for this market.
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There are so many freakin' useless coins. I've learned it's Bitcoin or bust for the big money these days.
following cryptocurrencies for more than a year; fascinating technology and I ultimately believe it will complement the current banking system (perhaps replacing it...go Stellar!)
my conservative younger brother only equates crypto as a speculative asset to dump excess liquidity (never mind innovation, does not want to discuss it)
investing in crypto is extremely risky/volatile (I only invest $ I can loose)
examples: lost money on Kava (even with 20% staking on Kraken); am even on Stellar (amazing fundamentals/tech); made a significant return on Polkadot (another great project); regrettably, I had ignored BTC and ETH and only focused on cheaper alts
my current/future investments plans: weekly DCA investments in BTC proxies (coin, galaxy digital, and voyager stocks); DCA weekly into ETH and other top 10 cyptos only (prefer Solana, XRP, Polkadot, and Luna); I exclusively use Stellar for transferring $ between exchanges (almost free); I only utilize US-based, major exchanges - currently use only Coinbase Pro and Kraken; lastly, get the Coinbase Card - Visa debit card with 4% back in Stellar!
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Good info hiding it this. A few major developments this week. Next website and hidden surprises to be reveled with the new site. Starts at the 32 minute mark