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Winter 2023/2024 Model Archive

00z EPS Ensemble 11/18
Two Big Dog Members! #42 & #31
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Mind post #1!!!!

Structural Rules for Posting:
1. Please keep all banter, and post reactions out of the thread.For example, if I were to post a map, please do not quote the post and reply below, "That would be interesting," for example. If you want to do that, quote the post and reply in the banter thread.
2. When posting, please add the date and model name, and run to the top of the post, for example, 12z GFS 1/1/2024. A descriptive comment is also encouraged
3. Include relevant maps surrounding a deterministic or ensemble snowy run if applicable. Minimum: Snowfall Accumulation, Ptype map, 500mb Height Anomaly
4. Add a link to where the model run is discussed/posted within the forum (I don't follow this rule well, but I encourage it)
5. Maximize the use of an external server to post gifs. Imgur works best; this is due to the file size minimum rules on SouthernWX

Criteria for Posting Model Maps:
1. Seasonal Firsts - First EPS Weeklies Ensemble Member (KGSO) | First GEFS and ECMWF Weeklies Control with snow in lower elevations | First GEFS and ECMWF Weeklies mean with snow in lower elevations | First Snowfall >1in in the higher elevations | First snowfall in the lower elevations (GFS, ECMWF, CMC, ICON)
2. Runs Later in the Season - Mesoscale not required unless significant | Global models (GFS, ECMWF, CMC) required unless consistent in the short-range (150 hrs out); use your judgment

Happy model tracking!!
Ban people.