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  1. Ollie Williams

    Winter 2020/2021 Model Archive

    It's the moment you've all been waiting for, this year's winter archive thread! For the newer folks, I had done this last year, basically creating a gif of every single run in the SE that showed some snow, to track successes and failures throughout the year. Last year was primarily experimental...
  2. Ollie Williams

    Hurricane Season 2020 Model Archive

    4/3/2020 Last Winter 2019-2020 I created a model archive thread for winter storm maps. I feel that thread went well and I hope that it is very useful for the future. This hurricane season I have decided to do the same thing. I will say that maintaining a hurricane season thread will probably be...
  3. Ollie Williams

    Misc Winter 2019/2020 Model Archive

    Hopefully, this is an appropriate thread, I saw the MA forum doing this and thought it was a good idea. Mods/Admins feel free to delete this The purpose of this thread would be to organize all the wintery models in this thread so we can get excited about all the model "firsts" Essentially...