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Turbulent April '23

Surprised to see this, here it is getting into the last half of April and we have had no real severe days at all....the only thing we do good here anymore is be above normal in temps....


I would watch Saturday. Looks like a solid severe threat for damaging winds and maybe some tornados if we don’t have too much junk convection. More than likely a nice QLCS.

After that what an incredible blocking period coming up. Heat and humidity will be a distant memory in this pattern. Cool mornings and beautiful days. Probably a fairly wet pattern as well. Can’t ask for anything better really.
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Hot and humid a distant memory? How could it be a distant memory when it hasn’t even happened this year
Level 2 risk for Saturday has been expanded.

At least for Texas, it's been a decent 1st half of Spring.

But yeah, for the next couple of weeks it's going on hiatus.

Yeah I knew we were gonna pay for the perfect weather we've had for weeks mostly somehow. Its been too nice this month

And we do need the rain at least. The drought monitor just NW of here is still horrendous. At least it seems like the severe weather will also be on hiatus
If we see less in the way of morning convection and or storm activity that would bring a greater severe threat for central and eastern NC .. regardless I do believe a QLCS type structure will try to roll through late morning into early afternoon. If we can get sun before that time I think a conditional threat for hail and damaging winds would be likely. Interested to see how things shake out tomorrow but it’s a perfect slight risk day. Someone will get something cool. But it won’t be widespread impactful nature
Looks like another washout weekend for a lot of the SE.....well maybe not all day Sat, IMBY but Fri and Sun look like heavy rain....