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Tropical Tropical Storm Beryl 2024

ICON was best of the more respected globals with the W GOM landfall in C TX. This goes back to the 12Z 6/30 run into Galveston! It then had runs up into LA or near the TX/LA border as late as the 6Z on 7/3, which weren’t good. However, starting on 12Z 7/3 (when ICON hit C TX while GFS, Euro, CMC, and UKMET were into NE MX) onward ICON was always between Galveston and Corpus. So, major kudos! CMC wasn’t consistently TX til 0Z of 7/6. UKMET wasn’t til 12Z of 7/5. Euro/GFS wasn’t til 0Z of 7/5.

(ICON also did well with Ian for FL and SC landfalls (2nd best to UKMET)).

JMA gets a well deserved honorable mention as it was similar to the ICON with its 12Z 6/30 run and had several more runs (12Z runs on 6/2, 3, 4) into Galveston followed by 6/5-6 at CC. Actual landfall wasn’t up at upper TX coast but still the 6/30 and 7/2-4 JMA runs into Galveston were much closer to actual landfall than GFS/Euro/UKMET then. Only the ICON was overall about as close.

So, my ratings of globals for W GOM portion of track:

Best: ICON and JMA

Next best but not close: GFS/Euro

Further back: UKMET

Worst: CMC