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Observations December 2019 Obs


Dec 13, 2016
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Campbell Co, Tennessee 1750ft.
Lots of record highs in East Tennessee today. Made it to 66 degrees here but hit upper 70s in Knoxville. Had some thunder earlier, temp is now down to 49. In East Tennessee this fall and early winter has been very similar to 1954. 1954 saw a bunch of record highs in October. This year saw a bunch of record highs in October. 1954 saw a cold November. This year saw a cold November. 1954 had cold in the earlier parts of December and had snow fall in East Tennessee. This year was cold earlier in December and we had several inches of snow on Dec 12th. 1954 saw a record high in the 70s at Knoxville on December 29th. Knoxville broke that record yesterday on December 29th. Early January 1955 was warm, but it turned cold and there was a big snow event later in the month. The I-40 corridor all the way from Nashville to Raleigh had 4-10 inches of snow in the storm.