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Top ten events of 2010's IYBY


Jan 29, 2019
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Greenville NC
Local office of the NWS put this video together I pretty much agree with it though I would maybe arrange it a bit different.....and some events were more localized than others....so what were your top 5 or 10 or 3 weather events in the 10's .....

Top 5 IMO for MBY in no particular order

#1 Hurricane Irene had more direct impact on me than any other event.
#2 Jan 1-6th cold snap.....6-8"of snow then spent 5 straight days below freezing with most of that below 20, saw subzero weather for only the second time in my life here, we spent more time in the single digits in those 3-4 days than we had in the previous 10-20 yrs.
#3 Hurricane Matthew flooding kept me out of work for a week.....knew several people that lost everything
#4 Apr 16th 2011...….luckily not directly impacted but man what a day
#5 July 1 2012 Derecho...lots of trees down, probably the sickest instability values I have ever seen here....Grimesland a little town down the road legit looked like a tornado hit, and the airport in Washington was were my coworker kept his plane, it was destroyed, its the one in the video.....altimeter pin hit in the 50's meaning his plane took off and got probably 40-60 ft in the air before crashing.

below video's are at my house,

NWS MHX decade roundup Top Ten

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Jan 5, 2017
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Extreme North Coosa County
1. 1/28/14: The Snowjam. Heavy snow with the temps at 18 degrees while trying to drive 30 miles south. Then temps reach -3 the next morning.

2. 12/08/17: The big one that dropped 9-10" of snow and would have probably been more if it were colder. The 2"+ hr rates were incredible. Did the most tree damage across East AL since Opal.

3. Hurricane Opal in 1995: Hurricane force wind gusts in East AL. The constant roar that night was nothing like I've ever heard. Tons of trees down with power and school out for a week.

4. White Christmas 2010: 3" of snow on Christmas day in East Central AL. Once in a lifetime deal.

5. February 2008 Derecho: I cant remember the dates but 90-100mph winds were insane but the damage wasnt that bad due to all the leaves being off the trees.

6. 2/12/10 snow: 3" of snow broke a 8 year snow drought of totals above 2".

7. Summer 2016 Drought: I've never seen so many wildfires in AL before.
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Jan 4, 2017
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Chalybeate Springs, NC
#1 Jan 1-6 2018. Doubt we ever see that kind of cold for that duration again, probably a once in a lifetime event. Consecutive lows of 4, almost a full week below freezing.

#2 4/16/11 Sanford- Raleigh tornado missed by about 7 miles. I have never seen that type of tornado damage in person when I was in Sanford. Overall a really high end day for NC on the tornado front.

#3 Matthew. 10.5 inches of rain, wind gusts just kept going and going. What really got me was how cold it was the next morning.

#4 Feb 25-26 2015 my last big time snow. Lived in Brier Creek and spent the majority of the event with the CC line about 5 miles to my south. Ended up just short of 6 inches of paste.

#5 1/11/14 severe storms/wind. I'm not sure I have ever experienced a wind gust like we had with that line, I think RDU gusted to near 80

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Jan 5, 2017
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North Forsyth County, Georgia
I can't do 10 but I'll do 6

1. Dec 8-9 2017 snowstorm - The biggest positive bust I've seen here. The NWS said 1 to 2 inches, I thought best 2 to 4, we got 9 inches of wet paste from a deformation band. Quarter sized flakes falling at a high rate was truly something I want to see again.

2. Hurricane Irma - I never expected a tropical storm in North Georgia and that's what happened with 40 mph winds and gusts around 60 mph at the peak. The rain wasn't too heavy, but the winds were the main part.

3. 2011 snowstorm - 6 to 8 inches of snow followed by some sleet and ZR on top of it that created a crust over everything, making the snow last for a week and schools to close for an entire week. Likely won't see such a storm here for awhile as well.

4. 2010 Christmas day storm - Self explanatory, first white Christmas in over 100 years apparently for ATL and first one I've ever seen. Might be the last in this area if the odds are that great, unless we get lucky. 4" was at the time the most I had ever seen.

5. 2016 wildfires and dry period - First time seeing the sky turn orange from smoke for weeks and having fires in the northern part of the state causing them. Not often do you get a drought combined with months of no rain at all.

6. 2019 flash drought - Not a good event, but notable for sure. Unexpected heat and dry conditions created a drought faster than I've seen and working out in it was miserable.


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Jan 5, 2017
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Roanoke Rapids, NC
1. Dec 26, 2010 snowstorm - missed a white Christmas by less than 24 hours but made up for it with massive rates that led to 11"

2. Aug, 2011 Hurricane Irene - Cat 1 storm at LF and max winds imby just 60 mph but the expansive wind field and slow movement meant a long duration storm and that took it's toll. I lost power for only 48 hrs but numerous areas around me, including many in Roanoke Rapids were without power for 7 days

3. April 16, 2011 tornado outbreak - 30 total in NC, locally an EF2 touched down in city of Roanoke Rapids with extensive damage. The super cell that produced this tor moved just W/NW of my house but I distinctly remember seeing the rotation at the base of the cloud, about 2 minutes later a Tor warning for my County and that EF2 dropped. Not sure why I never noticed this before, but this is the exact same super cell that @SD mentioned above that rolled through Sanford-Raleigh

4. Just outside of this decade I know but Feb. 2008 wind/fire event - Dry conditions, rel humidity around 20% and wind gust over 50 led to the most severe wildfires I've ever experienced (I was a volunteer firefighter for 20 years and was one during this event). First time I've ever witnessed in person a wildfire crowning, it was terrifying

5. Jan 2018 cold snap - 8 days at or below 32 (doubt it ever happens again and for the record I hope it doesn't Lol), with snow on the ground had an all time low of -4 on Jan. 6

6. Feb. 25-26 2015 snow/sleet event - 7" total and the largest February event for me in a very long time (not sure the last one actually)

7. Dec. 8-10 2018 snow/sleet event - mostly snow, best front end thump in memory with 7" total

8. Jan 30 2010 snow/sleet event - 7" total, nothing too special stands out about it but with the Dec storm later that year it made 2010 a banner year with over 18"

9. April 8 2018 snow/sleet - .1 total and well just because it was April
Jan 5, 2017
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Atlanta, GA
Only in order by year...

1. 2010 - Christmas Day Snowstorm - Historic for being the first White Christmas here in over a century and the first White Christmas I ever experienced in my lifetime.

2. 2011 - January 9-10, 2011 Snowstorm - Talked about this in the Previous Storm thread, one of my personal favorite snowstorms of the 2010s. Downtown streets were an ice skating rink, over 6 inches of powdery snow, and I got a weeklong extension to my Winter Break from school. This was a wild storm, Snowjam 2014 has nothing on this and that was an amazing event in its own right.

3. 2012 - Summer 2012 Heatwave - Suffering through several days of historical triple digit heat in late June/early July. The biggest highlight of that heatwave was when we hit 106F, breaking the all-time record high of 105F set back in July 1980!

4. 2013 - Thanksgiving Eve Snow - It wasn't anything major, but the fact that it was the first snow of the season and it happened near Thanksgiving and my birthday made it that much more special. As a bonus it stuck......for a couple hours. lol

5. 2014 - January 2014 Historic Arctic Blast - This one was memorable because the year was barely a week old and we were breaking record lows with temps in the single digits. One morning got as low as 4F, that's the coldest I've seen it since January 2003 when it got down to 8F. We also had Wind Chill Advisories which is so rare, the only time I saw it before was ironically in January 2003.

6. 2014 - Snowjam 2014 (January 28-29, 2014) - February 12-13, 2014 was a close second, but I felt Snowjam 2014 had more of an impact personally and to the city/state for obvious reasons.

7. 2017 - Hurricane Irma - Definitely one of the wildest tropical systems I've personally experienced here. 60+ mph winds and intermittent rounds of heavy rain. One of the rare times I lost power a couple times from something weather related. This was also the first and only time I was under a Tropical Storm Watch/Warning, Irma was a quick mover, but she packed a punch.

8. 2017 - December 8, 2017 Snowstorm - The biggest snowfall I've ever seen in the month of December, probably because it's only the second time I've seen measurable snow in December other than December 25, 2010. 5 inches of wet, sloppy snow just in time for the Christmas season.

9. 2018 - January 2018 Snow - What I remembered most about this was coming home from work and within an hour seeing big, fluffy, powdery snow rapidly coat the ground white within minutes. It wasn't a lot, but most of the snow fell while it was in the 20s and upper teens. Pretty rare when it comes to snow here.

10. 2019 - Ongoing Record Breaking Heat - Enough said, 2019 was a ridiculous year when it came to relentless heat that started early in the Spring and stretched well into October.
Dec 28, 2017
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2010 Christmas snow..Tornado event in 2016..January 2011 southern snow event. Also had a big microburst but I think that was in 2009..fountain Inn lost the majority of its old Oak trees


Dec 12, 2018
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Wingate, NC
Well I moved to SE Union County in June 2010, so almost a full decade. These are in order of occurrence.
1. December 25-26, 2010. My first Christmas in my house. The rain changed to snow about 6 in the evening on Christmas and we had an 1.5 inches by midnight making it the only time I’ve experienced an inch or more of snow on Christmas. Got in on the deform band early on the 26th and light snow throughout the day left me with a storm total of 6 inches. Not th biggest of the decade, but getting it on Christmas weekend is something my two oldest kids will never forget.
2. January 10-11, 2011... 7 inches of daytime snow on the 10th followed by freezing rain throughout the night and following day. Temperatures barely got above freezing for the 4 days after and kids were out of school the whole week.
3. Summer 2012 heatwave...I’ve experienced seven 105 degrees plus days in my life, and 5 of them were that year. The worst part was the nights, because there was a stretch there were the coolest lows were 78-79 degrees.
4. January 2014 Arctic Blast...not as big of an impact as January 2018, but this had a 25 degree daytime temperature drop which is rare east of the mountains.
5. February 11-13, 2014 Winter Storms... evening rain/snow mix with cold front on the 10th, 2.5 inches of snow in the 11th with the first system then a break over night and temperatures fell into the lower 20s. Snow started falling around 9am on the 12th and we had some sort of frozen precipitation falling for the next 27 hours. 6 inches of powder before mixing with and changing to sleet around 4 or 5pm, a solid 3 inches of sleet by midnight then little less than a qtr inch of freezing rain between midnight and 8am on the 13th. It switched back to snow around 8am and got another 4 inches with the upper low. We actually had some flurries late in the evening on the 14th and early in the morning on the 16th, which means we had 6 consecutive days with at least a trace of snowfall.
6. February 2015 Ice storm...1.5 inches of sleet and half inch of freezing rain. Power out 2 days.
7. Hurricane Matthew October 2016... missed the heaviest rain and when to the east, but still got 5.5 inches of rain and a peak wind gust of 47mph. Several trees fell along our street and power was out for a day.
8. January 2018 Arctic Outbreak... 5 days below freezing 3 mornings in the single digits with the lowest temperature of 3. We missed the snow by about 15 miles to our east... if we had gotten any snow cover, I have no doubt we would have had sub-zero low.
9. Hurricane Florence flooding... 16.5 inches of rain in 30 hours. We actually had a peak wind gust of 55mph before the heaviest rains started. A tree fell across the street from us and when the street a block over flooded, power crews couldn’t get there to fix so electricity was out for 2 days.
10. Hurricane Michael... top wind gust of 62mph after about 5 inches of rain knocked over several trees around us and our power was out for 3 days.
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Jan 11, 2017
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Marietta, GA
So I've moved a couple of times, but all within SC and Georgia.

1. Blizzard of 93 (Hart County, GA)
6" snow with 2' drifts

2. December 7-8th snow storm (Cobb County, GA)
10" heavy wet snow

3. January 10-11th snow and ice storm (Cobb County, GA)
6" of snow topped by ice with temps below freezing around a week

4. Hurricane Hugo September 1989 (Hart County, GA)
Hurricane force winds with widespread damage

5. Snow and ice January 2000 (Hart County, GA)
3" of front end snow followed by .5" of ice

6. September flooding 2009 (Paulding County, GA)
12-24" inches of rainfall, massive road outages, six flags flooded, etc.

7. Columbia metro area flooding October 2015 (Lexington County, SC)
12-30" of rain depending on your locale, breaking of damns around Fort Jackson, etc.

8. Tropical Storm Ivan September 2004 (Paulding County, GA)
70 mph wind gusts and heavy rain

9. June 2012 Heatwave (Columbia, SC)

10. Tropical Storm Irma September 2017 (Cobb County, GA)
Heavy rain, hurricane force gusts, etc.