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Misc Stock Market

Market is such a chop fest. Today SPY pushed above yesterday's high and then they pushed it below yesterday's low, big engulfing daily, and now they are trying to bounce it. I close out several longs today and completely flat...no interest when market gets like this.

Screen Shot 2023-05-10 at 11.11.52 AM.png
Market looks very toppy but they won't let it fall...I guess we shouldn't be surprised it usually pushes higher than most think

Looks like product shortages are back. My buddy is a manager for a pharmacy and they are out of select products and the warehouse doesn't have any.
Casino, what we know as the market, has been juiced up. Tech is parabolic...and SPY just broke out from a long consolidation pattern.


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What's the chart on MVIS look like? It's been strong the last week, ready for a breakout I think
You buy those 1.80's? This just a technical breakout or are they pushing any news?
I added all the way down to 1.90, probably a combination of technical breakout and news lurking any day now. After the buyout of IBEO and confirmation of responding to high volume RFQs for their LiDAR sensors, it was bound to happen.... deal/partnership will probably be announced before summer is over. And they are heavily shorted so covering is commencing.