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NWS Hazard Simplification Project


Jan 5, 2017
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Carrollton, GA
(If this topic has already been discussed somewhere else, Admins please move, delete, whatever - I may have missed it. Honestly, I would be surprised if it had not been mentioned already but I did not see it in a search. If not thread worthy please delete.)

I thought some of you all may be interested in this NWS proposal that they are requesting feedback on. I just came across it.

It appears they are considering a change in how weather products are communicated to the public. You have an opportunity to complete a survey and provide feedback.

Personally I like the current system using advisories and warnings - but I also understand them. I would possibly change one area which causes confusion. When a Winter Storm Watch is issued followed by a Winter Weather Advisory, it is an upgrade but many look at that as not an upgrade. Perhaps call the watch a Winter Weather Watch, then follow up with either a WWA or Winter Storm Warning depending upon criteria. My 2 cents ...