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Observations 2023 Obs Thread

COLD RAIN, warm rain, no snow, cold & dry, COLD RAIN, Warm Rain, No snow, cold & dry, rinse & repeat ?

42F & RAIN, (the warm kind, I guessing).. (As No Snow & Cold & dry are up next)..
Pressure 30.09 in
Visibility NONE, It's Dark, (don't look up)..
Clouds,, FOG & I cannot see
Dew Point 40 F
Humidity 99 %
Rainfall- Not enough,, 0.01 in
Been upper 30s all day with rain. The ground is squishy for the first time in almost a year
Minus 78 WC on MT. Washington curently

Current Conditions​

KMWN 12:49 GMT
-27° F Freezing Fog
Wind Chill:-78° F
Dew Point:-27° F
Wind:W 84 G 93 mph
Visibility:0 mile
-33 at Mt Washington and -16 at Frenchville for a non mountain cold spot.