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Hurricane Season 2021 Model Archive

Ollie Williams

It Gon' Rain
Jul 16, 2019
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Burlington NC North I-85
A bit long overdue since the start of Hurricane Season was five days ago, and we already have Ana as a named storm. With that being said, I have decided to start the thread with the interest gained in the poll from a few months ago. I said I would start this in April (Ha!). I intend to be more lenient with this thread, than the winter one.

Structural rules for posting:
1. Please keep all banter, and post reactions out of the thread. For example, if I were to post a map, please do not quote the post, and reply below, "That would be interesting," for example. If you do want to do that, quote the post and reply in the banter thread. Hopefully, mods can help manage that if it becomes an issue. Don't take it personally :)
2. When posting please add the date, and model name, and run to the top of the post, for example, 12z GFS 8/1/2021
3. In the post, add a link to where the model run is discussed/posted. This rule has worked out very well for me in the winter thread, and I intend on continuing it.

Criteria for posting model maps:
1. Landfall in the US below 980mb; If possible post the Wind Gusts, MSLP, Precip, and Total Rainfall
Atlantic storms below 950mb; Unless named

3. Preferably Euro and GFS, or notable ensemble/spaghetti plots
**Note that the more the merrier, these are just to minimize the work that goes into posting**

Post away!
-Ollie Williams


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Jan 4, 2017
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Chalybeate Springs, NC
Please remember:
#1. Place the model and date in the post (00z CMC 6/7/2021)
#2. Place the caption below that above the image
#3. If possible, try to post a gif, as well as the precip totals. I know TT doesn’t have wind gusts.

I don't have mod capabilities to edit it myself, so please do so yourself.
I'll see if I can give you privileges for this thread only