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Misc 2023 Spring/Summer Whamby Thread

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Yeah all the 90s the GFS has had here and I have exactly one maybe on Monday... and even then we may fall short
You’ve been copying and pasting that same thing for weeks or more.
Years, man. Years. In fact, I've never seen anyone who seems to be so enthusiastic about losing. When it's cool or it rains, you hardly ever hear a peep. But when a model shows a 90 degree day 15 days out, here come the worst weather ever posts.
Probably should keep my mouth shut but just catching up on Tropical thread … not saying it’s right or wrong, but when the biggest weenies are slamming other weenies I can’t help but smile. (And yes, I’m also a weenie)

Now, back to my hole.
Any idea when we are going to get that first big cold front of the season ? Will we have to wait until November this year ?
They better go ahead and cancel school tomorrow and Monday, from CLT eastward! ?
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